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Our Story

It's simple and had plain logic behind its inception.

We started our store with Pure Copper products, when we started our battle with the global pandemic, and just like most of you, we were constantly thinking of how to keep our loved ones healthy and somehow keep our surfaces virus and bacteria-free.

It's during one of our endless searches on Google, we stumbled upon this noble metal Copper and realized that not only does it self-disinfect and no virus can live on it (Research proves that!), It also provides tonnes of health benefits to keep up your immunity.

Just what we needed to hear and we had to do something to tell the world about it!

Vurth- Elements of Earth, where all our products are carriers of culture, and each piece is handcrafted and curated by skilled artisans.

We promise to continue to design and produce luxury and gorgeous home-ware that are aligned with our principles of conscious living and mindful consumption while enabling and honoring our artisanal community.

Stay Safe and Much Love.