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Are Copper Bottles the best eco-friendly water bottle?

In this era of global warming increasing day by day, every person should consider doing a tiny part for the world. It has to be the responsibility of everyone on earth to save it in any way possible. Some people have started taking this seriously and implemented it by doing various things that could be eco-friendly and help the earth stay healthy. There are several ways to work towards an eco-friendly way of living. Indeed one cannot do everything but could do one thing at a time, or even a tiny contribution to saving the world could also help immensely. In a techno-world, where industries are increasingly developing, pollution is equally growing.

The air is polluted, but water is also critically polluted every day due to industrial waste and daily waste consisting of plastics. Water is as essential as air to humans. Every person needs water for their survival, and there are definitely many ways that we can obtain moisture, but they all eventually appear from the same source. However, in such a case, having drinkable water available wherever we are, is essential. People who may not have drinking water running through their house pipes frequently turn to bottled water as an alternative. As a result, the plastic bottle is the most often used container for storing water. Every minute, a million plastic bottles are purchased throughout the world.

Replacing plastic water bottle

Many of us are switching to reusable, environmentally friendly water bottles in place of disposable plastic bottles. Stainless steel water bottles are popular since they are inexpensive and come in various colors and sizes. However, most of these bottles feature plastic caps, preventing them from being the ideal plastic-free water bottle. Then why not switch to a copper water bottle, which is eco-friendly and offers various health benefits?

There are some other options as a substitute for plastic bottles, including glass water bottles and copper water bottles. One can use glass water bottles, but glass is a fragile element. It has to be taken proper care of every time you use it because it might break. It also had to be adequately cleaned not to let pollutants contaminate the water stored in it. On the other hand, using copper water might feel a bit costly initially. Still, one must understand the benefits of copper in the human body and that it lasts longer than any other water container. In reality, people in ancient times did use copper vessels.

Health Benefits

Staying healthy should be a significant concern for every individual to live long. Drinking water more every day might be one of the million things you could do to stay hydrated and healthy all day long. However, you have to understand that in what container you store, water is also a criterion to think thoroughly to benefit from drinking more water. Keeping water in copper water bottles has numerous health benefits. The most considerate of which is that it helps absorb essential nutrients for a human body like iron. It is even an environmentally friendly water bottle with anti-inflammatory characteristics. Copper water bottles indeed serve to sustain your immune system and your heart healthier.

  • Healthy Heart
  • Immunity
  • Slows Aging
  • Absorption of iron
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Better digestion
  • It reduces the possibility of cancer.

Safe to use

Every product must only be consumed in the prescribed amounts. Even though copper is a vital trace mineral, taking too much of it might have negative consequences. Copper is necessary for the quantity of 10 milligrams each day. Vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice, and muscular soreness are all symptoms of copper overdose. However, there is no need to be concerned because copper deficiency is more common in humans than copper toxicity. Research says that drinking water stored in a copper water bottle for nearly 6 to 8 hours could benefit your body's healthy life. Researchers also suggest that a person drinking water stored in copper water bottles twice a day is sufficient for helping the health of humans.

Perfect Eco-friendly water bottle

It has been known that, on average, only 1 to 5 plastic bottles are recycled. Also, plastic bottles take from 400 to 100 years to decompose. While producing plastic bottles, three times as much water is required compared to the water stored.

Copper water bottles made with pure copper are built to last longer and significantly benefit human health and a healthy environment. Copper water bottles might even last for a lifetime if you take care of them and clean them regularly correctly.

Overall, if you attempt to move to a reusable water bottle, a copper bottle is the best alternative. It's also easy to clean and maintain. To cleanse the bottle, all you need is lemon and salt. Just squeeze in half a lemon, a spoonful of salt, and half a cup of warm water. Discard the mixture from the copper water bottle after giving it a good shake. Later, rinse with plain water 1-2 times. That is all there is to it; you do not even need a brush. Your bottle has been thoroughly cleaned and is ready for use. Thus, you are not only utilizing an environmentally friendly bottle, but you are also cleaning it using chemicals that are readily available in your kitchen, thereby reducing unnecessary expenses.

Stylish looking

Alternatively to dull-looking plastic water bottles, copper water bottles are now available by many companies and in various themes and sizes. The copper bottle providing organizations come up with different patterns and colorful graphic designs for their products. The designs are modern and classy so that you can take the copper water bottle anywhere you want, and all eyes would be on you. It might be a new healthier option of water bottle for a yoga class or gym or perhaps a cool water bottle for college or school which could fit in a bag easily. There are also some classic retro designs available in the wide range of copper water bottles which could be perfect for a new water bottle for your home.


Overall, it would be best to switch to copper water bottles to get a unique and eco-friendly way of storing water. With bottles made almost entirely of copper and fashionable designs, you'll be able to walk around proud and healthy. Because you will not only improve your health, but you will also help the environment by reducing avoidable plastic trash.


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