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Copper Water Bottle, Art Printed Copper Bottle in Australia

Since ancient times, copper vessels have been one of the most used vessels other than clay vessels. It is because they understood the antibacterial effects of copper. Even today, these copper vessels are back into the market as a trend. Copper is also being used in medical tools due to its health benefits to humans. The ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians used Vessels made of copper, and Eastern cultures used copper trays, plates, jugs and other items. Moreover, Indians also adopted copper tools such as cookware utensils, decorations, and vessels.

Now, copper vessels are generally used to store water as it is a metal that works best to fight diseases and purify impurities from water. Ayurveda has always known the importance of copper best for balancing the three main elements in the body: Vata, pitta, and Kapha. After tough times during the covid outbreak, people have started believing in the antibacterial and immunity-boosting properties of copper metal. As a result, drinking water from copper water bottles is the latest shift.

Different types of Copper Water bottles

The copper water bottles in the past were of simple designs like any other copper vessel. Today,Australia is thriving with young minds with artistic interests. Therefore, there are several designs in copper water bottles with the best qualities of copper. Anyone can get elegant, detailed designs and prints for their copper water bottles in Australia.

Vurth provides different types of ancient types of hammered and smooth designs, and art printed copper bottles. And in this fast-paced world, everyone needs to stay hydrated throughout their day to spare proper time for focusing on taking care of their health. Hence, there are traveller-friendly copper water bottles designed for busy people to stay fit along with staying stylish.

Copper water bottles are primarily used for storing water and gaining the benefits of copper water. It is because copper is not as reactive as a few other metals. However, it does react with the environment and corrodes over a long time if not taken care of regularly.Even though such corrosion only occurs when the vessel is promoted by heat, chemicals, and acidic substances. The entire process can result in the formation of harmful copper salts. One should note that this also applies to honey and dairy products. 

Avoiding acidic substances

Acidic chemicals that come into touch with copper catalyze corrosion and contribute to the formation of copper salts. Some people describe a sour or metallic taste when acidic items are kept in copper containers, which is a strong indicator of the presence of copper salts.The major problem with having too much copper in your body (which may happen when the copper reacts with acidic chemicals) is that it's difficult for your body to get rid of it, leading to heavy metal toxicity. One should be careful when feeling gastrointestinal problems stomachache, dizziness, nausea and other short-term issues due to such copper salt in the body.

Why water from a copper bottle?

Before moving ahead to drinking water from copper water bottles, one should know its benefits.Keeping water in a copper water bottle is not only safe but is also good for your health. Copper,as previously stated, has solid antimicrobial capabilities, resulting in safer drinking water.Copper produces a small number of copper ions when it comes into contact with water, which alkalizes the water and gives a range of medical advantages when consumed. However, this is simply the beginning of the benefits of drinking from copper. It plays an essential role in various body functions like:

Activates Immune system

Regulation of health rate

Development of connective tissues

Absorption of Iron

Production of RBCs

Importance of copper


Better digestion

Copper can help the digestive system perform better in three different ways. It destroys microorganisms that might cause gastrointestinal problems, lowers inflammation with anti-inflammatory effects, and increases secretion.

Brain Functioning

Synapses in the brain allow signals to be sent from one neuron to the next. The myelin coating, a transmission agent, surrounds these neurons. Copper is one of the important elements in the production of the myelin basic protein (MBP),which directly impacts the synthesis and maintenance of the nerves.

Immune System

Copper is the main element necessary for the formation and maintenance of several cells and antibodies. It plays an essential part in the immune system, and staying healthy means having a fit body and strong immunity to fight against any impurities entering the body.

Cardiovascular System

Elastin and collagen, which are generated with the assistance of copper, are found in the muscle and tissues of the heart. The copper shortage has been discovered to cause heart failure, as copper is required for optimal muscular strength and performance. Copper also contributes to preserving blood vessel flexibility, mainly in the heart and smaller arteries, enabling the protection of healthy blood pressure.

Curing inflamed joints

Copper contains anti-inflammatory qualities that aid in relieving aches and pains produced by inflamed joints, such as those caused by arthritis. Copper also strengthens the bone structure and boosts the immune system, making it an ideal metal to use in the fight against arthritis.

Melanin Production

Copper has solid antioxidant characteristics, which can help reduce skin ageing,and its influence on melanin formation can help with wound healing, cell creation,and UV protection. Collagen and elastin, two essential structural components of our bodies responsible for the framework of bones, skin, muscles, and other vital biological structures require copper for their production.

Better working of the Thyroid gland

Copper is required for the thyroid gland to operate correctly. Copper offers immediate advantages for the thyroid, as it helps to balance the gland's irregularities. Copper deficiency has been related to hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, which may be treated by drinking copper water regularly.


To conclude, it has to be understood that there is a reason copper vessels have been around for generations. They are long-lasting and provide an effective and reliable method of water storage.Drinking water from a copper vessel has several advantages, and it contributes to the reduction of plastics in the marine environment.However, know where you buy your copper vessel since some dealers may try to hide other metals behind the copper coating. When there are several art printed options for copper water bottles today, you have to ensure no harmful enamel is used. Therefore, make sure you are buying copper water bottles from a reliable vendor providing pure copper vessels at all times.



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