What is the best substitute for plastic bottles?

The issue of how plastic water bottles pollute the ocean and populate landfills has been a long-running discussion. According to statistics, about 80% of all bought water bottles end up in the trash. Furthermore, water stored in plastic bottles is frequently contaminated with toxins, which gradually and persistently harm the human system. So, while you're striving to stay hydrated and live a healthy life, you also need to consider how to store water sustainably. It is time for us to find alternatives to plastic water bottles and commit to them over time.

Plastic bottles are becoming the equivalent of smoking cigarettes in public in the twenty-first century. Single-use plastic bottles not only cause pollution but also leak hazardous microplastics into the water they hold. We shouldn't have to settle for such inadequate selections when we have better alternatives.

There are various substitutes for plastic water bottles such as glass bottles, stainless steel bottles, ayurvedic copper bottles and terracotta bottles. Many individuals worldwide have started switching from plastic bottles to alternatives that are more beneficial to humankind and the environment. The research has shown that the best choice to make that transition from plastic bottles for real, one should switch to the perfect substitute-- Copper Bottle.

Copper has been used to produce utensils and containers from ancient times, as we all know. Its antimicrobial properties, flexibility, and flawless glossy color and luster give it a magnificent appearance while also bringing health benefits. Furthermore, it can conduct heat. Copper water bottles have been an age-old tradition in several countries. While carrying water in plastic bottles might make it toxic, keeping it in a copper container for six to eight hours will efficiently destroy bacteria. Copper equipment and accessories have also been popular in recent years, particularly water bottles made of this attractive, soft metal.

Ayurvedic copper water bottle

The outstanding handcrafted art of ayurvedic copper bottles has made drinking water more fun and healthy as a replacement for dull and non-beneficial plastic bottles. Copper water bottles provide amazingly chilled water, transforming an everyday routine into something enjoyable and beneficial. Copper bottles come in many colors and designs, including the most elegant and vibrant graphic themes.

Benefits of Copper

Copper, both as a chemical element and nutrient, plays an essential part in our overall health. It boosts your metabolism, cell development and keeps our hair and skin in good condition as the third most prominent mineral in the body. It has been the only type of metal listed as a metal that kills bacteria and viruses when they contact copper.

According to contemporary research, water held in a copper jar is free of hazardous bacteria, which is the source of water-borne illnesses. Copper enriched water does not contain significant metal concentrations, which is good news for anyone worried about swallowing it. There are just tiny amounts of Copper in the water, so there's no need to be concerned.

How it works

When water is stored overnight in copper water bottles, a small number of ions dissolves into the water and kills bacteria, a process known as the oligodynamic effect. Antimicrobial and antibacterial properties have been discovered in this ancient Ayurvedic technique, which suggests that drinking water from a copper vessel boosts immunity, helps the digestive system, and reduces inflammation throughout the body.

Medical experts consume an energetic amount of Copper to restore the body regularly because Copper positively charges the water. It also acts as an antioxidant, reducing subsurface damage in the body, promoting stamina, and stimulating the brain.

When Copper interacts with acidic foods and beverages, it causes poisoning. Copper should never come into touch with dairy, citrus, or vinegar-based foods.

Copper bottles -- a substitute for plastic bottles

Upgrading from a plastic water bottle to a copper water bottle is gradually becoming an effective trend and for good purpose.

Copper is an essential nutrient for human bodies. For teens and adults, the suggested everyday intake ranges from 1.4 mg to 2.1 mg. Copper is a necessary element that the body does not make naturally. It has to be instead obtained from outside sources.

Besides the health benefits of Copper utensils, numerous studies have proved that plastic is a slow poison and that utilizing plastic bottles for drinking water is an explicit encouragement for harm in the body. When Bisphenol A, often known as BPA, combines with human bodies, it has been found to have certain cancer-causing qualities. It's been known to cause cancer and isn't recommended for anyone, particularly pregnant women. To make matters worse, BPA isn't the only contaminant in the human body. However,  Copper vessels will solve this problem entirely and feed the body with a necessary mineral in Copper.

Copper is nature-friendly

We are already aware of the environmental consequences of plastic manufacture and waste. Plastic Bottles are also included in that.  In reality, consumer items contribute to almost 10% of all plastic manufactured worldwide, with plastic bottles being one of the most important members. Copper, on the other hand, is an entirely natural metal. In reality, when looking at things in the long run, copper utensils outlast plastic by a considerable margin since copper utensils stay for years while plastic utensils survive just a few months. Also, don't be misled by plastic producers' constant recycling ads; they are only a way to save their businesses. Recycling's functionality has been questioned several times in the case of plastic water bottles.


Copper water bottles are the perfect substitute for plastic water bottles because they look stylish and have a portable design. Still, it may also help you stay healthy and enjoy delicious water every day. They can also help you stay hydrated no matter where you travel because the bottle is representable and looks intriguing. Copper vessels have a distinctive coppery-brown metallic aesthetic color, and plastic has no chance against them! Plastic is already far too common; almost everyone we encounter has one of those clichéd plastic bottles. Experience using Copper water bottles instead of plastic water bottles for water storage, and you will quickly forget you ever bought a plastic bottle.

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