Why You Should Invest in a Copper Water Bottle

The trendy and shiny copper water bottles are gracing on social media and real life. Copper utensils that were immensely used in ancient times are used today as copper water bottles all over the world. Many people have started believing in the age-old ayurvedic benefits of copper water. The beautiful copper water bottles are available in authentic designs and printed artistic designs. These copper water bottles are elegant and classy, with profound health benefits for the body and mind.

For the human body, copper is one of the minerals working towards bettering our overall health. It helps in tissue repair, cell growth, metabolism, brain functioning and ensures stable hair and skin conditions. As copper is scientifically considered the third most important mineral in our body, 900micrograms per day of copper is the best proportion for a healthy human body working. Some sufficient amount of copper ingesting for infants and children benefits them with the needed growth, maintenance of bones, creation and connective tissue in the heart and Arteries.

Health benefits of copper water

When drinking water is stored overnight in a copper container, small ions are dissolved into the water. Such copper water helps in fighting against viruses and destroying bacteria. Science notes this process as the oligodynamic effect. Experts have said that copper water provides antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits in research and studies. Copper water plays a vital role in the age-old-ayurvedic methods for boosting immunity.

Other health benefits of copper water are as follows:

Better Digestion

It is due to copper's capabilities, including destroying dangerous germs and reducing gastrointestinal irritation. The capacity to optimize digestive efficiency is one of the most significant advantages of drinking water from a copper bottle. As a result, it's an excellent therapy for infections, ulcers, and indigestion. If you are suffering from digestive issues, investing in a pure copper water bottle would greatly benefit you. Copper also helps in the cleansing and detoxifying of the stomach, which controls the operation of both the kidneys and the liver.

Healing wounds faster

Copper is known to enhance the immune system and aid in developing new cells in the body. Copper's antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial effects are other well-known properties. Copper makes it excellent assistance for speeding up the healing of wounds. However, copper's power to cure the body isn't limited to the outside injuries: it has also been demonstrated to help heal internal wounds, particularly in the stomach.

Helps in weight loss

Anyone trying to lose weight is looking for a solution that gives quick results. Drinking regularly from copper water bottles could aid in weight loss. Copper helps the body break down fat and eliminate it more efficiently. Moreover, it assists well towards fine-tuning your digestive system to work better. The whole procedure aids your body in retaining only the information it needs and discarding the rest. Thus, drinking copper water is a fantastic approach to help your body shed weight more quickly.

Enhancing skin health

Melanin is a pigment that affects the appearance of your eyes, skin tone, and hair colour. Copper is the main mineral in the body's melanin production. Copper's capacity to help form new cells boosts the body's capacity to regenerate the top layers of the skin, making it more refined and more lustrous. Thus, copper helps in better skin health and prevents ageing. Drinking copper water from a copper bottle may be the way to go if you want to regenerate your skin and make it seem as young as possible.

Aids inflamed joints

Copper behaves as an excellent mineral in aiding inflamed joints and arthritis. Investing in copper water bottles would be of great help for the people who are having issues with experiencing arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis along with inflamed joint pains and aches. Drinking water stored in copper water bottles has bone-strengthening properties that make life more comfortable and relaxing for people.

Storing water in a copper water bottle

Experts have said that our body needs at least eight glasses of water per day. Consuming water fulfils a variety of functions, something no other substance can. The body's temperature is maintained by water. It removes toxins and waste and aids in forming saliva and mucus. It prevents friction by keeping our joints lubricated. Internal organs are cushioned, such as the spinal cord, brain, and tissues. Moreover, water aids in the maintenance of healthy blood pressure levels. It is necessary for the health of our kidneys.

After knowing the several benefits of water for staying hydrated and healthy, combining the benefits of copper with drinking more water will be the best thing happening for your body. Copper in drinking water creates a natural purification process. Copper kills the microorganisms present in water, and thus copper water stimulates brain functioning.

For gaining the copper water benefits, the follow the following steps:

  • Invest in pure copper containing a water bottle
  • Store drinking water in a copper water bottle overnight for up to 8 hours
  • Drink the copper-induced water the following day after brushing your teeth
  • Maintain a gap of about 10 minutes between brushing teeth and drinking copper water on an empty stomach.
  • Regularly clean the copper water bottle while rubbing it with salt and lemon to maintain its lustrous look.
  • It is highly recommended to take a break for a month after drinking copper water for continuous two months.


Investing in a copper water bottle will be beneficial for you. Drinking water stored in copper containers induces several benefits for skin, body and mind. Moreover, the World Health Organization has determined that consuming up to 2mg of copper per litre of water is healthy for the body. The quantity of copper absorbed by water held in the copper water bottle for several hours was less than 1.20th of that amount, much below the acceptable limit.

Pure copper bottles, unlike plastic bottles, are not hazardous to the environment. Compared to glass water bottles, copper water bottles are more sustainable and travel friendly. Copper water bottles are not fragile like glass bottles and are available at affordable rates. Nowadays, copper water bottles are available in various designs too. Thus, invest in a copper water bottle to gain numerous health and sustainability benefits.

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