About Us

Vurth originated from the simple idea of an exhausted mother, trying to keep up with the cleaning of surfaces and high touch points after the Global Pandemic hit us.

From "Don't touch this, to wash your hands after you touch something"; It was an endless repetition of words that most of us resonate with these days and a nightmare to keep up with. I have never been a fan of excessive use of disinfectants, antibacterial wipes and all the one time use products that will pile up our landfills (That's just leading us to another catastrophe in the foreseable future).

I was looking to reduce my workload and I started researching for a sustainable solution that would require minimal cleaning effort. 

While performing web searches, seeking answers to terms like ‘natural materials that require minimal cleansing, disinfecting, & phrases like hospital grade cleaning”, etc. I accidently stumbled across the word "Copper" and the antibacterial properties it has; And my grandma's voice rang in my head reminding me of our childhood days where she would keep water in Copper pots and repeatedly say, "Drink this water - It cleanses your body and strengthens your immune system".

But I had never paused to ask and asked her why or how. How I wish, I knew what she meant back then.

I had now found that one thing that doesn't need disinfecting, also improves your health and it is that one less surface you don't need to worry about cleaning, all at the same time. 

I struck Gold (not quite), Copper (Rose Gold) Voila!

It's not MAGIC, its SCIENCE. It's called the Oligodynamic Effect https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antimicrobial_properties_of_copper

The need of the hour was now to look into why COPPER does what it does and try and find out how I can utilize the potential of this noble element.

Originating from this simple necessity, I saw that Vurth can be an enabler in preserving natures true elements and protecting our families from the unknown without costing us the Earth, Literally.