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Cleaning and Maintenance


 Handwash your Copperware
 Copperware is not Dishwash ready and can cause permanent oxidization damage.
 Use a mix of Lemon juice & Salt diluted with water in equal quantities once a week to clean.
 A soft washing cloth is recommended for daily cleaning &maintaining copperware.
 Copperware oxidizes over time naturally.
 Oxidization blemishes develop over time, this is not a product fault, its science.
 It shows that your copperware is pure & working towards providing you clean



You may find that over time your copper bottle lids start squeaking. This is a property of copper and although its annoying, it's easy to reduce this sound by simply rubbing a small amount of oil into the threading on the bottle cap and the the mouth of the bottle.  We recommend using any kitchen cupboard oil you have at home (coconut or olive oil work just fine). Simply apply a pinch of oil onto your fingertips and then rub this into the threading on the bottle cap. Repeat this process as and when required.